Why Study a Foreign Language?

Heritage. Culture. Travel. Money and career. Being a world citizen.

Santa Rosa Junior College offers credit courses for those wishing to learn international languages and their cultures. Whether you want to learn a language because…

  • Your family roots are in the "old country"
  • You want a deeper understanding of international music, art, history, film, design
  • You dream of wandering the world as a study abroad student or just a savvy traveler
  • You want a career in economics, trade, communications, computing, or medical technology with an international emphasis
  • You'd like to teach or interpret for fun and profit
  • Or you're just crazy about all things foreign

SRJC is where you need to be!


The mission of the Modern and Classical Languages Department is to provide quality instruction to students intending to transfer to a four-year college or university, students pursuing an associate degree or certificate, and students seeking personal enrichment. This mission supports the global and multicultural goals of the College by promoting understanding of and respect for other nations and cultures, and providing students with a foundation in international history and culture that enables them to pursue their educational and personal goals. International language and culture courses provide a unique opportunity to enrich one's ability to understand oneself and communicate with others.

Teaching Philosophy

Faculty in the department are committed to quality instruction, academic excellence, and supportive student learning. As fluent professionals who have experienced international living and traveling through personal and academic careers, we hold the following principles in our teaching:

  • Languages are dynamic and ever-changing
  • Students learn most effectively when they actively and regularly use the language
  • Students learn a language best when lessons are presented in context
  • Students retain language best when activities are meaningful and experiential

All of our courses are designed to fulfill two fundamental goals:

  1. To help students attain the highest possible level of proficiency in the four basic language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  2. To provide some critical insight into international history and cultural heritage

We therefore combine a grammar-based approach with communicative language teaching techniques that integrate cultural competency into the various skills that form the basis for language acquisition and utilization.

Where to Start

Browse our language program pages to decide which language fits your needs. Then either pick up the College Catalog or visit our department's virtual catalog to choose a class offered this semester.