Language Lab

Welcome to the Language Lab at SRJC!

The language lab provides computer stations, Internet access, and videos to support, complement, and reinforce coursework in the college's foreign language programs.

The Language Lab and Your Course 

When you enroll in a foreign language class, you are automatically enrolled in and eligible to utilize the language lab. Each time you use the lab, you'll be required to log in and out with your student identification number. The lab operates on a first-come, first-served basis and no advance sign-ups are necessary. There is almost always an available computer station in the lab. (Note: occasionally some classes use the lab as a whole, but generally at lower-impact times. Individuals who don't mind the distraction can still use the lab during whole-class sessions, provided there is space.)

Each of our language courses has an online component that is a required part of the workload for the class. You are encouraged to use the lab for this online work, where you can find a studious environment, help with navigating your website, very fast access, and user-friendly ease for any voice recording assignments. In addition, the lab has foreign language films for extra practice. You must consult your instructor for the specific expectations of the lab requirement of your course.

The language lab assistant can sometimes help you with basic questions in French, Spanish, and some German and Italian. For additional help or tutoring, please visit or call the Tutorial Center.  On the Santa Rosa Campus the Tutorial Center is located on the ground floor of the Frank P. Doyle Library; the phone number is 527-4491. On the Petaluma Campus the Tutorial Center is located at 247 Kathleen Doyle Hall; the phone number is 778-2409.  The service is free.

Language Lab Santa Rosa Campus

Location: Emeritus 1525
Telephone: (707) 527-4469
Hours: Fall and spring, TTh 12:00-5:00 pm 

The Lab is closed during the summer.

Language Lab Assistant: Patty Warne,