Did You Know German...

  • is spoken by over 120 million people
  • is the second-most spoken language on the WWW
  • ancestry makes up one of the largest US ethnic groups
  • is a root language of English
  • is used in many of the world's most popular operas


  • boasts the fourth largest economy in the world; many international companies have their corporate office in Germany, including VW, Mercedes Benz, Siemens, and Bertelsmann
  • has a long, distinguished history in the natural sciences; Germans recently garnered Nobel prizes in medicine, physics, and chemistry
  • Germany is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations

Levels Offered

COURSES: grammar or conversation-oriented
FLUENCY: elementary to high intermediate
QUICK BASICS: try German Conversation for Beginners or Special Studies!

German Course Schedules - Spring 2022

German Course Outlines


GERM 1      Elementary German-Part 1
GERM 2      Elementary German-Part 2
GERM 3      Intermediate German-Part 1
GERM 4      Intermediate German-Part 2
GERM 49    Independent Study in German
GERM 50A Conversation for Beginners  (Currently inactive)