Castle in Rome

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Fontana di Trevi, or Trevi Fountain. Located in the Quirinale district of Rome, the Trevi Fountain is known as one of the most stunning fountains in the world.

Italian Restaurants

Why Study Italian?

You already know about the ancient Romans, the glories of the Renaissance, art, fashion, food, wine, and "la dolce vita"--all great reasons to learn Italian. But did you also know that personal economic gain might be the best reason of all for someone to learn to speak and write Italian?

According to the fall 2005 issue of Primo Magazine, more than a million Americans speak Italian. Italy and the U.S. are major trading partners, with Italy ranked sixth by the International Monetary Fund's tabulations of the world's largest economies today. Italy's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $1.6 trillion--larger than China's. Afterthe European Union, the U.S. is its biggest market, and there are over 800 Italian companies with offices and factories located throughout the US. 

Italian CoastlineItaly makes up 20-40 percent of American imports in the beverage, jewelry, fashion, optics and medical instruments, ceramics, stone and cement, and machinery industries. Proficiency in Italian also enhances your opportunities with American companies that want to sell goods or services throughout Europe; more than 1,500 companies employing over 300,000 workers operate in Italy, especially in the field of information and communication technology.

Closer to home, Italian is the second largest foreign language program at SRJC. Did you know that Sonoma State University has no credit course offerings in Italian?

At SRJC we offer 4 semesters of 4 unit courses using a comprehensive approach to developing your reading, speaking, writing, listening, and comprehension skills: ITAL 1, ITAL 2, ITAL 3, and ITAL 4. These courses are University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) transferable. You can even design your own advanced level course by taking ITAL 49, which is both UC and CSU transferable!

SRJC also offers 4 semesters of 3 unit courses with a conversation emphasis (i.e., speaking and listening) that transfer to California State University: ITAL 50A, ITAL 50B, ITAL 50C, ITAL 58.

All of our Italian courses are applicable to the associate in arts degree; courses in the comprehensive series may also be applicable to General Education (GE) degree requirements, depending on which GE option you choose to complete your degree.

Temporary Contact for Italian Program:  Professor Dave Henderson:



(develop all skills: reading, speaking, comprehension and stresses writing ability)
(stresses speaking, comprehension and reading ability)
(Total beginners or students who have forgotten most of their Italian)
ITALIAN 1 ( 4 units)
Elementary Italian Part 1
ITALIAN 50A (3 units)
(Elementary conversation fundamental for total beginners)
(Continues previous course or accept students who have Italian 1 equivalency)
ITALIAN 2 ( 4 units)
Elementary Italian Part 2
ITALIAN 50B (3 units)
(Elementary: expands basic knowledge of Italian for conversational purposes)
(Continues previous course or accept students who have Italian 2 equivalency)
ITALIAN 3 (4 units)
Intermediate Italian Part 1
ITALIAN 50C (3 units)
(Intermediate: completes basic knowledge of Italian for conversational purposes)
(Continues previous course or accept students who have Italian 3 equivalency)
ITALIAN 4 (4 units)
Intermediate Italian Part 2;
conducted in Italian
ITALIAN 58 (2 units)
(High Intermediate: builds vocabulary, comprehension and conversational ability)

Students seeking a more intensive study opportunity are encouraged to take both a comprehensive (i.e., grammar) course and a conversation class during the same semester. The increase in the number of weekly hours of exposure to the language and culture will help them to more rapidly and fully develop their skills in the various facets of the language. This strategy is particularly recommended to students who will be participating in the Study Abroad program.




SRJC sponsors a program in Florence during Spring semesters.  Florence is a unique city in which to live and study. In Florence students see for themselves the taste, elegance, and aesthetic sensibility that marked the Renaissance. Living and studying where the rebirth of creativity began five centuries ago is inspiring. History and language come alive. Nearly every street is a showpiece and an adventure in Italy's architectural cultural center. It is a busy city bursting with Italian vitality, a city for all ages with cafés, art, museums, shops, and cinemas. Student life is very much in evidence.  Visit the Study Abroad Program Home site for additional opportunities.