El programa de lengua española ofrece una variedad de opciones para los estudiantes de SRJC con diversos intereses y procedencias.








Why Study Spanish?

  • Learn about diverse cultures

  • Job opportunities

  • Career advancement

  • Pablo Neruda's poetry - untranslated

  • It's an important part of local heritage

  • Incredible travel opportunities

  • Watch foreign films - ignore subtitles

  • You already know more than you think!

  • Visit millions of Web sites in Spanish


Courses: Grammar or conversation-oriented

Fluency: Elementary to high intermediate

Quick Basics: For work or play, try Spanish Conversation

for Beginners or Independent Studies!

Special Courses: Beginning Spanish for health occupations

and law enforcement!

Credit By Exam Inquiries:

Offered for the Spanish 1 level to enrolled students who comply

with the restrictions and requirements.

Please contact a SRJC counselor for additional information

about class requirements and eligibility to take the CBE.





Course Schedules - Spring 2022

Spanish Course Outlines

Spanish Majors


SPAN 1   Elementary  Spanish - Part 1 

SPAN 2   Elementary Spanish-Part 2

SPAN 3   Intermediate Spanish-Part One

SPAN 4   Intermediate Spanish-Part 2

SPAN 40  Introductory Spanish for Spanish Speakers

SPAN 41  Intermediate Spanish for Spanish Speakers

SPAN 49  Independent Study in Spanish

SPAN 50A Conversation for Beginners-Part 1

SPAN 50B Conversation for Beginners-Part 2

SPAN 50C Intermediate Conversation

SPAN 58 High Intermediate Conversation

SPAN 72 Spanish for the Wine Industry